Rhino started as a maintenance company back in 1999 in the Three Hills, Alberta area. Maintenance means a lot of different things to a lot of people and here at Rhino it means we provide many different services to our clients.

Maintenance Crews

“Send out a crew” is often the call we receive for many of our client’s immediate needs. Whether it’s a unit down emergency or planned routine maintenance Rhino has maintenance crews standing by 24/7. We’re ready to assist with valve changes, plugged lines, changing out equipment and fittings, pulling that leaky fire tube, and getting into that tank so the vac truck can suck it out. You name it, we’ve got the experienced crews here to handle it.

Picker Truck Service

Rhino has various sizes of knuckle boom pickers for lifting and setting your equipment packages, removing or installing components, loading and unloading and so on. We’ve also got man baskets, reverse jibs, spreader bars and other specialized attachments. We can provide a full service, loading, hauling and unloading/setting.

Pump Jack Servicing

Since 1999 Rhino has been providing pump jack maintenance for our valued clients, completing tasks like lowering and raising rods, changing out rod rotators, packing, belts, bearings, and other components and adjusting weights.


Rhino has over 20 years of experience managing and executing turnarounds on gas plants and batteries and related production equipment. Not only can we handle the routine maintenance that is necessary at every turnaround we also have the specialized equipment and procedures to complete changes and upgrading at the same time.

Blasting & Coating

Rhino has a mobile blast truck that we can send out to your turnarounds also, we complete fire tube blasting, tank repairs and similar tasks for our clients and often in conjunction with our turnaround crews on the same project. Look no further Rhino brings it all to the table!

Vessel Maintenance

Rhino is ASME section 8 division 1 certified with ABSA for repair and alteration both in the field and at our shop. If you’ve got a cracked nozzle or a leaky fire tube our welders are ready to swing into action and get your assets working for you again quickly. Combined with our other services all you need to do is pick up the phone and call Rhino. We will come to site, remove the vessel, haul it to our yard, blast it, clean it, repair it, test it, ship it back out to you and reinstall it good as new – one phone call.


Because of our experience with turnarounds, maintenance and new construction we are often called upon as a contractor of choice for retrofitting work. We get in there and get our hands dirty on older equipment and facilities that need that upgrade or a new process package incorporated into the system.

Spill Response

Whether the packing leaked on your pump jack or a there was a tank spill somebody’s got to clean that up. Rhino has the equipment to move swiftly and take care of that contamination before it becomes a problem.

Lease Road Maintenance

Not only do we provide the routine maintenance like mowing, snow plowing and grading we also can complete culvert repairs/replacements, texas gate maintenance, fencing, gates and sign maintenance.

Pipeline Maintenance & Pigging

Rhino has specialized equipment including pig launchers, compressors and blow down tanks to help you complete the pigging work you need. If you’ve got restrictions we can support the hot oiler or the pressure truck to get that line flowing again.

Pig Closure Inspection

In 2006 Rhino developed this service in cooperation with one of our clients. We also worked together with closure manufacturers and put together a process that is now included in the pipeline integrity management manuals of many oil and gas producers. Rhino provides a specialized cleaning, inspection and maintenance service that will keep your closures safe, reduce liability exposure and ensure that your assets remain working for years to come.

Pipeline Integrity

Rhino works closely with our clients and their ILI providers to complete line inspections, dig up and remove coupons for testing and other integrity projects.

Liner Installation Support

Rhino has experience working with tight and free standing liners. We’ve worked together with some of the best liner pulling crews in the industry. Your next liner project needs an experienced support crew, that’s where we come in.

“I have been in the industry for over 30 years and know that no vendor relationship is problem free; however I have found the owner, Ryan Smith to be honest, forthright and willing to stand behind the Rhino product. His excellent attitude with respect to challenges and opportunities has served our company very well.”


Light & Medium Duty Trucking Services

To support our other services Rhino offers light and medium duty trucking services. We are often called upon to “hotshot” fittings and supplies to our clients for their construction projects or turnarounds. Additionally, we will load and haul client packages to our shop for refurbishment or truck completed packages to the field. This is just one of the ways that Rhino rounds out our offering as a comprehensive service provider.