Rhino has been an emerging leader in the ARO space within Alberta since the 2015 oil price crash. We realized we had undisputed excellence building and maintaining oil and gas infrastructure, we decided to become a well-rounded mechanical contractor by working with our clients to safely cleaning up after they’re done. Connect with us to discuss your abandonment, decommissioning, or reclamation project needs.

Abandonment for Oilfield Projects

Rhino has specialized equipment and experienced crews to complete your pipeline decommissioning and abandonment work as well as your well head cut and cap projects.

Rhino provides a zero ground disturbance internal cut and cap service for pipeline risers and piles. Contact us to ask about our specialized internal cutting and plug setting equipment.

Rhino Energy Services abandonments for well site pipeline facilities oil and gas oilfield energy alberta western canada

Decomissioning for Oil & Gas Facilities

Rhino is a contractor of choice for disconnecting and safely decommissioning all types of oil and gas facilities. We come in and remove those old installations down to the dirt, haul away the scrap, clean and prepare old packages for re-purposing and prepare the site for soil reclamation by removing underground facilities. Reach out to us to discuss your oilfield decommissioning project.

Rhino Energy Services decommissioning facility well site pipeline oilfield oil and gas energy alberta western canada services

Reclamation for the Energy Industry

Rhino is not an environmental consulting firm, but we do work closely with several to complete soil reclamation and turn that lease back into the farm land that it once was. Connect with us to discuss your oil and gas reclamation project’s needs.

Rhino Energy Services reclamation for well site pipeline facilities oil and gas oilfield energy alberta western canada

“We’d like to thank Rhino Enterprises for supporting us on our recent project to decommission 73 well sites and abandon 43 pipelines in Zone 1 (Drumheller, Alberta area). Using Rhino’s crew and equipment, we were able to complete the project on time and on budget. We appreciated their willingness to be flexible on rates in this current economic environment. Our Project Supervisors spoke highly of your experienced, consistent crews.”